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 Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DO I KNOW WHEN THE ONLINE AUCTIONS ARE? Sign Up to receive News Letters or Register to bid. If you have signed up for our newsletter you will receive an email prior to the auction starting date. Click here for Newsletter Sign-Up Now .      We are always posting new auctions so watch the Up & Coming Listings.

HOW DO I BID? First, You must register & create a user account before you can bid. Credit Card is required for verification of identity, we do require a valid e-mail address and phone number, both will be verified during the registration process.  Please enter accurate information. DO NOT CREATE MULTIPLE USER ACCOUNTS. You only need one account to bid. 
Our system monitors and verifies new users. Any suspicious activity will cause the data to suspend your account, so please enter information correctly & keep it updated. 
Most of the auctions lots will start with no reserve and sell to the highest bidder regardless of price. Please see Bidding Increments below.

WATCH TUTORIAL ON HOW TO REGISTER TO BID - Click here to Watch Video on How to Register & Bid

PROXY BID OR MAX BID: Proxy bidding or Max bid, sometimes called absentee or automatic bidding, is a method for online auction bidding. How it works is the person who wants to bid on an item decides a maximum amount that he or she is willing to pay for it in advance, and bids this amount. That bid is hidden in our system.  As other bids are made, the our system automatically increases the person's bid by pre-specified increments until the maximum amount is reached. If the bidder is monitoring the auction, at this point he/she can give up or choose to increase his bid. You don't have to continually monitor an auction to win an item, and they can bid on several items at once.

HARD CLOSE: This is a "Hard Close" auction.  No time is added after the clock counts down to zero. Each "Lot" closes 30 seconds after the previous "Lot".

MY ACCOUNT PAGE  “My Account” is where user`s manage their accounts, watched items, Auction your bidding on,  view bids, view invoice, pay invoices, send a support request, update account information. 

Click here to learn how to use your "My Account Page"

CAN I PREVIEW THE ITEMS BEFORE I BID? In most case,Yes, There is a Pre-View day for most auctions. In the event you are unable to Pre-View items you can always count on NorCal to never knowingly misrepresent an item. If you have questions regarding an item please submit a support request or email Contact Us 
The Pre-View location & time will be in the item description.

HOW DO I PAY? After the Auction has closed, You will receive an Auction Win notice in your registered email address. You can also look in your account for an invoice.  Log On to your account and go to “MY ACCOUNT” and view your invoice. We DO NOT ACCEPT Credit Cards or Debit Cards on-site.CASH or CHECK (pre-authorized) at the time of removal. All items must be paid in full by the removal date. There is a 3% discount off the buyers premium for CASH PAYMENTS.  All items are Sold as is where is. No Refunds. 

INTERNET/BUYER PREMIUM A 13% buyer's premium will be be charged on all lots sold. Every bidder pays the same buyer's premium and should bid accordingly. For example, if your bid wins the lot at $100,you will be charged $113 plus tax for the item on your auction invoice. When calculating the final price, the buyer's premium is added to the selling price before sales tax is calculated. Remember, There is a 3% discount off your invoice for cash or check payments.

CALIFORNIA SALES TAX Sales tax rates vary by region. 7.25%-8% is the current tax rate for our area depending on location. NorCal is bound by state law & state licensing to collect all applicable state sales taxes on behalf of sellers. Buyers with resale licenses or tax-exempt status should submit documentation prior to invoicing to be exempt. Out-of-state purchases may qualify for a sales tax exemption. NorCal does not collect sales tax on titled vehicles. Purchase prices for vehicles listed on this website do not include licensing, registration, and sales tax fees. 

IF I WIN AN AUCTION WHEN & WHERE DO I PICK UP THE ITEMS? Pick-Up dates and times will be posted in the item description. It is your responsible for removal of all items at the posted location on the posted date. If you can't pick up on that date contact us prior to bidding to see if other arrangements are available. The pickup address will be on your invoice in the upper right hand corner.  If you are having some else pick up your items other than yourself please Contact Us .

WHAT ARE THE BIDDING INCREMENTS? Here is our bidding increments schedule.

Bid Increments     bid will go up by
00.1 to 100.00 1.00
100.01 to 500.00 5.00
500.01 to 1,000.00 10.00
1,000.01 to 2500.00 25.00
2500.01 to 5,000.00 50.00
5000.01 to 50,000.00 100.00
50,000.01   and up 500.00

I CAN'T REMEMBER MY PASSWORD OR USER NAME?  Go to the login page and use the "I forgot password" option, if you still have trouble submit a support request with your email address you used to sign up for your account. We will ask for your security answer you made at the time of registration, Once you have been verified we will email your information to the email you provide at the time of registration. 

CAN I HAVE MY ITEMS SHIPPED?  We are not a shipping company. Ask First prior to bidding. On occasion we will make special arrangements prior to auction closing, depending on the auction item and location.

WHAT IF I BID AND DONT PAY or PICKUP? Bidding constitutes a legally binding agreement to purchase the item. You are responsible for all bids placed from your account, Keep your passwords protected and don't leave your account unattended. You credit card will be charge a 40% restocking fee. 
There is a 40% of the selling price re-stocking fee for all items not-picked up. If you fail to pickup you items during the advertised pickup time your items are considered abandoned. 
Unfortunately, you will force us to permanently ban you from using this website. 

(One) 1 strike and you're out.  Please dont bid if you don't intend on paying. 9 times out of 10 this website will have a family estate listed. 
Please show them the same respect here on this website as you were standing inside their home. 
Please use this site with respect and courtesy.
NO RETURNS ALL SALES FINAL : It is the responsibility of the Bidder/Buyer to inspect the item(s) prior to the placing a bid. All bidding and purchases are at the bidders / buyer’s discretion. Absentee bidders / buyers are subject to the same terms. All the items are sold "as is" “where is”. There are no warranties expressed or implied. There are no guarantee or warranty as to the authenticity, nor shall any description of condition, size, quality, importance and / or provenance is validated as a guarantee. Once the buyer makes payment or takes possession of the listed  personal property all sales then become final. 

REMOVAL OF ITEMS/LOTS: all items, lots will be forfeited if not removed by the bidder on the deadline set forth  on the auction details of each item. NorCal Online Auctions is not responsible for lost or stolen items. By using this website you agree to the term and conditions. 

WHAT IF I HAVE A PROBLEM Go to the Contact Us, We will always try to be proactive and provide high level of customer service.

                                                                                                     Seller`s Information  

I HAVE ITEMS I NEED TO SELL? Whether you are settling entire Estate, Downsizing to a smaller location, or liquidating a business or just a few items you need sold through our website please go to the Contact Us 

CAN I DROP STUFF OFF TO SELL? Maybe depending on what it is, Please call 530-366-1659 to schedule a drop-off time. 

DO YOU PICK ITEMS UP? Maybe it depends on quality & amount of the load. There is a fee for labor/transportation. 

CAN YOU SET UP AN ONLINE AUCTION AT MY LOCATION?  Yes, Onsite or Off-Site, We are remote service. We are able to reach 1000s local Buyer`s through this system that otherwise would never be able to attend a traditional auction or estate sale. We have over 25000 local buyers on our email list.
We have a 3000sq ft warehouse that we also offer as a service to you for drop off, pick-up or storage until your items are listed for sale.
Guns, Vehicles, Boats, RV`s can all be listed through our service. 

WHAT ARE THE FEE`S FOR YOUR SERVICES? There are no up front fee`s.Our Fee is based on a percentage of the selling price. Depending on the level of service you need and the items you wish to sell will be the determining factor. 
 It is fair to compare our fee`s with traditional consignment fee`s. What is different from traditional consignments is your items will be available to 1000s of people through this website and you dont have to wait for months or years for you items to sell. 

WE POST ONLINE AUCTIONS FOR OTHERS, Charity Auctions, Fundraisers & Special Events.

You may also call 530-366-1659.

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